The Experience


The Process

Booking a session with Nancy Erickson Photography is easy! And I’ll help you every step of the way.

1. Before: Call or email to book a date and time for a photo session, which can be outside, at home, place of business or at our studio. I will offer ideas for locations, clothing choices, answer your questions and discuss how you would like to display your photographs in your home. A signed contract and the session fee will secure the date.

2. Session Day: I will take it from here. Raising energetic twins who were always on the move was great practice for candid photography that today is my hallmark. So sessions are meant to be casual and engaging, even with the most exuberant toddler or the most sullen teen.

3. After: About two weeks after your session, we will meet in my Pennington office for the premiere of your images in a custom-designed slideshow. I’ll help you choose your favorites and suggest ways to display your new artwork. Place your order, and in a few weeks you will be rewarded with beautiful, timeless photographs.

Pricing Contact

The Studio

Located in a beautiful old mansion in Pennington, our studio is a calm and cozy environment for formal or casual portraits of all ages. Whether it’s a headshot or a family portrait, we’ll pose you in the most flattering professional studio lighting. Plus, the weather is always great! No wind, rain, humidity or snow.

We have a variety of backdrops, elegant posing chairs and other props. Bring your own music, or let us choose an appropriate mix. Kids love our toys and books. Babies sleep peacefully in our beanbag pillow, lullabies playing in the background. Handmade hats add a whimsical touch for infants and young children.

The studio is also a great place to see our wide array of product offerings on display, like leather-covered folios, image boxes, custom-designed photo albums, large wall prints and canvases, acrylic blocks and colorful Organic Bloom frames.


My Philosophy 

When it comes to fine portraiture, I strongly believe in the power of photographs. Actual photographs. Because you can’t display a digital file. It sits on your Facebook page or Instagram feed and soon disappears from social media’s short memory. You vow to print those files, but you never do. And why would you? You don’t have access to dozens of professional labs with high-quality archival products, probably aren’t familiar with Photoshop, don’t know high-res from low-res or torchon paper from metallic. I do. You should hire a professional photographer to make beautiful photographic memories, not populate your phone with one-inch snapshots. I want you to see your photographs every day and smile. I want your future generations to thank you for the foresight to preserve a tangible history. It pains me to think of Future You, discovering that those digital files you wanted so badly have disappeared into cyberspace because of a hard-drive failure.

Take it from me – I know from experience. I have tintype prints more than 100 years old – from the 1800s! – of my great-great (and maybe another great) grandparents. But photos of my kids when they were 7? Nope. The disc was damaged. Age 9? Gone. But prints of them B.D (before digital)? Resting comfortably in dozens of photo albums. 

I know, you want digital files for milestone slideshows. Or because your cousin’s husband’s dentist’s accountant said you really must demand them. So now I offer the best of both worlds: Print products and digital files. Buy both and save. Or buy just digital files, if you insist.