If a picture is worth a thousand words, your image should have a lot to say.

Selfies do not suffice. 

Nor does having a co-worker take your picture with a cell phone against a white wall, unless you're angling for a spot on mugshots.com.

Linked-in, Facebook, Instagram and other social media, online dating, personal and professional websites, electronic resumes, modeling and acting - the list requiring high-quality profile photos gets longer every day.  If you want an effective and professional online presence, contact us for an appointment.  No matter which session you choose, we will work hard to make your experience stress-free.  We are experts on posing and lighting to show your best side, and we include gentle retouching as an added bonus. All of our sessions are on-location. 




•15-20 minute on-location session

•Two retouched digital files

Enhanced Headshot



•30-minute on-location session

• Five retouched digital files

Branding Session



•45-minute on-location session

•15 retouched digital files

casual headshot



A professional headshot can pay off big time: Studies show that applicants with pleasing profile photos are more likely to be hired. We now offer on-location sessions for a casual, more contemporary look.  Group discounts are available. For info or an appointment, contact us.




Branding tells the story of who you are and what you are all about. Your images, photographed in a variety of settings, will create an overall cohesive look to your online presence. Whether personal or professional, a branding session is perfect for websites, print/online marketing, social media - even dating sites and modeling portfolios. To learn more about what branding can do for you, contact us.